By Shirley Ransdell

Friday, May 4, 2018
(NEW FRONTIER NEWS) – This article starts with a photo that says that 80% of people diagnosed with lung cancer are non- smokers.

This is blatantly false. In fact, according to the CDC, smoking causes 80 to 90 percent of lung cancer cases are caused by smoking cigarettes.

He does say that you can get COPD from smoking and says that you should not smoke.

He also says that the government has been poisoning us with fluoride, aspartame, mercury, aluminum, barium, and strontium, but does not even say where or when they are poisoning us.

Due to the fact that I can’t find where his argument comes from I cannot debunk that.

The author then quotes another article that talks about why smoking protects against lung cancer.

This article starts with the idea that the government has been trying to mislead the general population about smoking.

In the next paragraph, the article says that not only is lung cancer not associated with smoking cigarettes, but it is caused by the government itself.

Then the article gets into the Japanese lung cancer paradox and claims that because Japanese smokers have lower rates of lung cancer with the highest smoking rates that there is some conspiracy going on.

This paradox has many answers, including genetic loading, more efficient filters, and lifestyle difference. This is according to Very Well Health.

The author then goes into the first instance of cigarette smoking and ends with the smoker ending up in prison.

He goes into how this is the first time a tobacco smoker was harassed by the non-smoking lobby.

Due to the adverse health effects that are acknowledged by the CDC, it makes sense that we would try to keep smoking effects away from as many people as possible.

He also claims that a writer from the 15th century said smoking was a cure for man’s ills, again without backing up this claim.

They then quote the Trinity Test, the test of the first dirty nuclear bomb, he does not prove that this radiation can cause lung cancer, nor does he describe any effect on radiation.

The author then states that the American government knew about the dangers of radiation, but did it anyway.

He doesn’t back up his idea with any resources on how many American scientists knew about the dangers of radiation.

Next, the article argues that radiation overwhelms the stores of vitamin B17.

This is not a vitamin and can kill you if used more than what is found in fruit.

This is according to Cancer Research UK.

He also blames radiation for the rise in lung cancer, but he vastly overestimates that travel of radiation. It doesn’t go much past the area of detonation.

In the paper, he argues that scientists have not caused lung cancer in rats.

In a 2005 paper by Hecht, there is an empirical study that states that smoke inhalation caused lung cancer in rats.

I could not find the study that showed that smoking makes you immune to cancer caused by radiation.

The article continues to use arguments based on radioactive particles, going as far to say that smoking will make a mucous layer that prevents lung cancer.

The paper does not cite any evidence for this.

I would rate this article a 4/10 for serious misinformation.


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