By Shirley Ransdell, Junior writer
Friday, June 29, 2018

(NEW FRONTIER NEWS)- The first paragraph of this article starts by talking about how Bill Gates wants to reduce the population by using vaccines.

It mentions a TED talk in which Bill says that reducing the population 10 to 15 would be good for the environment.

This article then implies that this means that he wants to use vaccines to affect massive portions of the population. However, this is not a nefarious plan to kill people using vaccines.

In a Snopes article, the author explains that Bill Gates wants to decrease infant mortality by helping them with vaccines. This means that parents in non-industrial countries wouldn’t have to have 8 children hoping one would survive.

They would instead have one child and know it would live. This reduces the overall population. Bill Gates also supports female contraceptives and education for the same reason.

The next paragraph accuses the Berkeley California City Council of doing the same thing as Bill Gates.

Berkeley City Council calls for finding a way to humanely stabilize the population. The original article claims that this means they also support reducing the population by vaccines.

However, they don’t seem to understand what humanely stabilizing means, just like they misunderstood Bill Gates.

In the next section, the author claims that viruses are being genetically prepared in labs to infect humans.

The article connects the Scripps Research Institute to the plot to reduce the human population, but this isn’t a good connection. In the Independent article they mention, James Paulson who said the project is to prevent bird flu from making an outbreak.

Even though the Natural News article says this, they still imply that this would be used to depopulate. An article from the Scripps Institute throws a wrench in this kind of thinking. It talks about peptides that prevent many different types of flu, including bird flu.

Why would a research team study how to stop a virus that would be used to reduce the population? It would make more sense to create these mutations, and not study how to fix it.

The next section is about how mutated viruses could be used against the population.

The first paragraph in this section says that many people are getting sick with the flu vaccine. However, the vast majority of these infections are in those who are elderly or very young. The article also mentions that the flu mutates too rapidly for the vaccine to completely cure it, which does have some truth to it.

The article again says that these scientists will use the vaccines to hurt the general population, which is unlikely as they are making a way to stop bird flu as they study a mutated form. For spreading misinformation about science and the Scripps Institute I rate this article a 4/10.


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