By Shirley Ransdell
Friday, July 6, 2018

(NEW FRONTIER NEWS)- Beau Albrecht, the writer of this article, starts with a confession that he used to smoke weed before he realized it affects his motivation. His use of his own experience on weed may not be universal to everyone, however.

Most of the time anecdotal evidence does not have a place in reality. In this case, however, our author does have a case.

According to Psychology Today, there is a link between weed and a lack of motivation. It has to do with the receptor dopamine.

Dopamine is connected to both motivation and reward and has been shown to be lower in long-term weed smokers.

The caveat to this is that these effects appear to be completely reversible. Even long-term weed smokers that quit seem to get their regular dopamine levels back.

He then continues with more personal stories of his friends that lost motivation, which we know to have truth to it. Albrecht also says that getting weed out of your system takes a long time, which is also true.

The author also says that the lack of motivation doesn’t stop when you’re an adolescent, which is again true.

Albrecht then continues to talk about the drug dealers and the next example of his anti-weed article. He says that this student was almost a genius and that because of weed he became stupid.

There is some evidence that this could be the case. Live Science says that there can be a reduction in 6 IQ points in long-term pot smokers. This connection was shown in adolescents that smoked weed into adulthood.

Albrecht claims that this individual was on the same level as Stephen Hawking, something that would require some evidence. He then says that this person became a social justice warrior. Conflating the two is not very honest. The author then continues to talk about his friend’s wasted future.

He then says that the comparison of alcohol to marijuana isn’t a good argument as we don’t need another drug like alcohol. I feel like there needs to be a stronger argument against the comparison as alcohol is usually more dangerous to people than weed is. He does acknowledge that weed is good as compared to cocaine but does not argue that for long.

He ends this article with the idea that people should think about society first and not choose to do with your own body as you please.

I would rate this article 7/10 for mostly correct information, but some exaggeration.


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