By Shirley Ransdell

Friday, July 13, 2018


It starts with a man named James Price who had been having issues with his breasts growing and being painful. He claims that this meant his body was feminizing. These weren’t the only symptoms. The article says that he had lost hair on his arms, legs, and chest, he had slower beard growth and had stopped waking up with morning erections.

James also says that his sexual desire was gone and that his penis was very flaccid. He then explains that his emotions changed as well. The article says that James was diagnosed with gynecomastia, a condition that increases breast size in men in an abnormal way.


Mayo Clinics article on gynecomastia says that there are quite a few things that can cause it. All of these causes have to do with a lower level of testosterone as compared to estrogen. This can be caused by old age, steroids, illegal drugs, and other herbs. However, soybeans are not mentioned anywhere in their list of causes.

Blood tests showed that James had eight times the amount of estrogen than normal for men. University Health Daily shows that aging and fatty tissues can cause it. Estrogen can also trick the body into making more estrogen than testosterone, which makes a vicious cycle.


The article goes on to say that James and his doctor checked for things that could cause high estrogen, but they only looked at outer things that could cause it, like tea tree oils and lavender. They don’t seem to look into aging or other drugs that could cause an increase in estrogen. They also checked for cancerous things that could be excreting estrogen.

They then go over his lifestyle and diet very slowly and discover he’s drinking a lot of soy. Three quarts a day in fact. However, the Physicians Committee says that the hormone ingredient in soy does not cause any hormone imbalances in men and boys. It also serves to remember that as a retired Vietnam vet he is probably very old, which may cause estrogen increase.

The article continues by talking about the good effects of soy on the body, and that it can extend our lifespan. They then say that there are bad effects to soybeans. Mostly they focus on the effect of phytoestrogens, which was discussed in the Physicians Committee article as not having an effect on male hormones.

Due to having very little true information on soy so far, I would rate this article 4/10.




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