By Shirley Ransdell, Junior writer
Sunday, July 29, 2018

(NEW FRONTIER NEWS)- Jared Trueheart, the author of this article, is commenting on why women should stay at home and raise children instead of working a job.

He starts the article by saying that women have a choice as to whether they work, and men do not have that same choice. Men have to work in his opinion. This is not true, according to NPR, the number of stay at home dads doubled in 2014, and even though there is still a stigma for these men it is still an option for them rather than leaving the child to daycare.

The rest of the article continues along the idea that children don’t belong in daycare by using horror stories. He doesn’t mention nannies or any other solutions to the problem of not being able to raise the child.

The first story we get is about the mother leaving a child at a daycare, only to come back to find her child dead due to the insufficient care of the workers. The article blames the mother’s job on this. She was going to work for the health insurance afforded to the child.

The mother seemed to be doing the best she could for the child, but yet is blamed for its death over the daycare workers who were negligent. This article could be more aptly understood as a negative review of daycare centers for your child, and not an article about why women shouldn’t work.

The next section is about how working mothers will neglect their children. Trueheart tells two stories about how a mom leaves her child alone in the car, and it dies due to the heat.

However, this isn’t the norm, of the kids that were forgotten in the car and died of heatstroke, men were more likely to leave the child in the car than women were. These statistics can be seen on No Heat Stroke’s website.

Trueheart then tells a story about how a daycare had protected a child molester. The molester and the owner of the daycare were both arrested. This again blames the woman for not taking care of the child herself and does not blame the people who perpetrated the crime.

Rasansky law firm attests that daycare abuse is on the rise as of 2016, but this still doesn’t mean that a reputable daycare cannot be found.

He concludes that women should be raising kids at home instead of working, and that they don’t have a need for a job. This is not substantiated in this article.

I would rate this article 3/10 for misinformation about women and daycares.


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