By Shirley Ransdell, Junior writer
Friday, August 10, 2018

(NEW FRONTIER NEWS)- This article jumps right into its first point by describing that the earth is flat because the horizon appears flat, “regardless of how high you go up.” This is simply false. The human eye can detect the curve at 35,000 feet above the ground, Live Science said this. There is a small caveat that you can only see it if you have more than a 60-degree view, which is hard to see from an airplane.

This article then claims that any examples of you seeing the curve are fake, including the photos NASA has taken of the planet. This article doesn’t say why these pictures are fake and continues to say that the horizon is flat.

The next point is that the horizon always meets your eye and that this is only possible on the flat plane. The author claims that even if you go 20 miles up that you could not see a curve. This is false as explained by the last point as you can see the curve at 35,000 feet or roughly 6 miles. The author doesn’t provide anything to debunk this.

The third point says that because water doesn’t curve and create chaos then the world is flat. First of all, gravity keeps water attached to the globe, and secondly, it does in fact curve. There are many websites that use ships escaping from the horizon as an example of this curve.

Popular Science says if the world were flat ships would not go over the horizon. Even Answers in Genesis explains this if you are more religiously bent.

The next point says that the Bedford experiment disproves a globe Earth and says that every time the experiment has been conducted that the Earth has been shown to be flat. This is simply false as others found that the Bedford experiment shows the opposite when atmospheric refraction is accounted for.

The fifth point is that the sun is much closer than we think and that its rays shine on specific areas. Even if we don’t understand that these sun spots are caused by atmospheric manipulation, it would still be a false premise. If the sun were close to us and we lived on a flat plane, then we would be able to see the sun all of the time, even if it weren’t shining on us.

Point number six says that planes would have to adjust themselves on a globe so that they maintain the same altitude. This is, in fact, a technique pilots use. There is a device called the altimeter that keeps the plane level for the duration of the flight. This is according to Stack Exchange.

The seventh point is that Airy’s failure proves that the Earth is stationary and claims that this proves the Earth is flat. Unfortunately, the experiment had nothing to do with the Earth being flat or not. It merely talks about whether the Earth is stationary or not.

The experiment does not show the Earth is stationary. It shows that there is no Aether, which is necessary to show the earth is stationary. The experiment actually disproves the Aether, so there is no connection to geocentrism or flat Earth theory at all.

Point eight says that the Michelson Morley and Sagnac prove a stationary Earth, but again this only works if the Aether exists, which is a false concept of space.

The ninth point says that gravity can hold down buildings but doesn’t stop creatures on Earth from flying. The argument is that gravity is fake. However, in order to fly, you must make a force greater than the source of gravity to fly.

The last idea is that ships distances wouldn’t work on a globe Earth. It is unclear exactly why there would be a difference in distance due to a curve.

This article has massive misinformation and deserves a rating of 3/10.


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