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What is New Frontier News?

New Frontier News is an online news company founded in 2017 to combat what founders, Gage Simpson and Nathaniel Yourgans, thought was a major lack of credibility in the news industry. New Frontier News covers all types of news including political, breaking, and everyday news with a focus on the United States and Europe. We provide high quality, credible news to everyone for free.

Our Standard of Quality

New Frontier News has a high standard for its articles. We strive to have our articles be as unbiased and fair to all parties involved. To ensure this. We have added some guidelines that all of our articles must abide by:

  • All our articles must have a non-provocative title. It should also be concise but not weighted towards a single point.

  • All articles should be given equal amounts of coverage on their arguments. This does not mean word for word representation, but that both sides arguments are fully explained and not favor one over another.

  • All data including images, videos, audio, and anything that the company did not originally produce cited. All citations must be in APA format.

  • All articles should be written in grammatically correct American English and should be readable at a 7th-grade level.